Art Classes in Painting and Drawing

The Boston School of Painting offers art classes in painting and drawing as taught in the traditional manner of the contemporary European atelier.


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The Boston School of Painting offers classical training in painting and drawing. All fine art instruction is taught in the realist tradition of the early French academies and the contemporary European atelier.

At the Boston School of Painting, we believe the freedom of artistic expression is contingent upon the facility of one’s craft. That’s why we offer a variety of art classes focused on skill building. Open to students of all levels and abilities, students get individual attention and easel time to tackle concepts and build a strong foundation.

We believe in teaching to the individual through two disciplines: the study of the figure, and still life. These complimentary practices allow students to focus on skills in and outside the life drawing room to become competent painters. Within each of these disciplines a myriad of mediums and avenues of study are presented: charcoal and graphite drawing, grisaille painting, color study, full color painting, as well as Bargue drawing and mastercopy work. Each of these practices aims to attack student weaknesses and build on student strengths.

While the mediums may change, and the exercises differ from student to student, we believe that in a principle- based environment, all information is valuable to a student, regardless of their place in development. The novice painter and the advanced draftsman occupy the same space, and a dialogue is made between the two: this helps students to see art making more holistically than most approaches with segregated classrooms and skill levels.

Our studio is located close to the Cambridge/Somerville line near Lechmere Station on the MBTA Green Line. Free parking is available for day and evening students.

Author: Jason Polins

Jason Polins is a Bostonian who began his artistic career in his early teens. He was invited to participate in a college level class to study the figure at Boston University, where he would earn his BFA in 1994. Polins went on to study in Florence Italy at The Florence Academy of Art. During that time he honed his skills as a realist painter, fulfilling his studies in 1997 and receiving their certificate of completion. Upon returning to Boston he has continued painting and studying with various notable painters, such as Nelson Shanks in Philadelphia, and Gary Hoffmann in Boston. In 2006, Jason began teaching out of his own studio in Somerville and the Boston School of Painting was born. To learn more about Jason and his work, visit

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